NOOK Vs Kindle Review – How To Choose The Best Reader!


Good technology should help conserve our ecosystem. Before you print any document, always ask yourself, “Do I need a hard copy?” To help save trees, you must make a resolve to ditch the paperbacks and opt to read eBooks. To this end, technology and scientific research bring to us the blessings of eBook readers. Kindle and NOOK are the most common eBook readers.

Device features

To date, Amazon has introduced 8 versions of Kindle. The latest versions are Kindle 2, Kindle 3, and Kindle DX. Kindle allows great connectivity to the internet. Additionally, it comes with internal storage. On the other hand, NOOK from Barnes & noble has internal storage, in addition to an expandable microSD slot. As far as weight is concerned, Kindle weighs 0.63 pounds whereas NOOK weighs 0.75 pounds. Kindle battery life is affected by wireless connectivity. If you are connected to a wireless hot spot, the battery will last for four days. If you are not, it lasts for fifteen days. When fully charged, NOOK battery lasts for 10 hours regardless of your wireless connectivity. The charging period of the two devices is approximately the same. Kindle takes about four hours to charge via a USB 2.0 cable while NOOK takes about three and a half hours to charge via the same cable.

Price range

The prices of these devises may vary depending on where you buy them. Therefore, it is difficult to give exact pricing of either Kindle or NOOK. However, most experts argue that the standard price of Kindle is $189 while that of NOOK is $199. The other additional features of Kindle include 16 shade gray scale, 600 x 800 megapixels camera and an MP3 player. NOOK offers you an opportunity to choose between a 3G or a Wi-Fi only version. One of the best features of NOOK is that it has a lend me an application. This application enables you to lend certain books for 14 days. Additionally, NOOK has a faster browser that allows for greater surfing. See more.

Advance in technology

Changes in the screen technology have also advanced; instead of the 4 level grey scale, the Kindle eReaders now use the latest E-Ink technology. This serves to create less eye strain, allowing us to read for much longer periods of time. With the increase in demand for eReaders, other companies have also released eReaders of varying scales of functionality and price. This has prompted Kindle to produce a range of free downloadable programs, enabling you to read your library of books on other devices, including your computer, tablet, iPad or if you handle really small text, you can even read on your mobile phone.


These are the main technical features that are of prime importance should you choose to buy a Kindle. They are fundamentals when it comes to deciding which of the two readers is superior. However, customers find it hard to choose the best between the two. This NOOK vs Kindle review will be an ultimate guide that will enable you to make an informed decision. Check out this site:


The Kindle Advantage

When it comes to owning a Kindle, it’s kind of like having the Library of Alexandria in the form of a small, plastic rectangle that you can carry with you wherever you go. After all, with the ability to download just about any ebook to this miraculous device, it’s like having the sum total of human knowledge at your finger tips at any given moment. Therefore, you might get it into your head that maybe you could use your powers for good, and why shouldn’t you? With so much knowledge readily available, you could learn just about anything, and you could even develop a number of skills. Here are a few examples.

For starters, you can use your Kindle to learn a creative skill. Creative hobbies are incredibly fulfilling, but many of us simply desire the talent to have these hobbies instead of pursuing them. We find them intimidating. However, with the power of the Kindle, you can download a variety of books on a given creative topic, painting, for example, and study. This will help give your practice sessions some added knowledge to improve your skills tenfold. Likewise, with the right ebook and a trip to Guitar Center, you can teach yourself to play a musical instrument. The list goes on.

Another way to use the Kindle to your advantage is to develop a more practical skill. For example, we all need a car or other type of automobile these days, and cars often break down on us, costing us a ton in repairs. However, with the right ebook, you can learn to make those repairs yourself, saving yourself loads of money. Likewise, you could learn carpentry and transform your home, or even build your own home from scratch. Cookbooks are another great way to develop a practical skill, but this one is perhaps the best balance of pragmatic and fun, as cooking is a crucial part of life, but also a great joy to many.

Kindle Paperwhite

7 Kindle Paperwhite Tips Every Reader Needs to Know


Kindle Paperwhite can put a library in your pocket. Its sleek black casing can hold up to 1,000 books and thousands of books can be stored in the cloud. Looking at it from the outside you will not be fully aware of its capability but on the inside, it is magnificent.

Free Yourself of Free (and Other) Books

These free books that the Kindles come with, which is cool but in a case that you don’t like Amazon selections what happens? Just press hold the title, and an option of remove from thedevice will pop up. No worries at all if you need them in the future because you can go back and redownload them. For you to rid them permanently from your Amazonaccount, just log in from a browser and then click the manage your content and devices there you will be able to rid them permanently. To do that locate your content tab Show and the category under which the unwanted book appears.Afterwards, select the book your intent to delete then click on delete then click the confirm button.

Extracurricular Activities

When you bought your Paperwhite the major reason is for reading, but it can also be used to play games, and it can also use some apps. Amazon has active Kindle content which runs on the e-ink devices. It serves as a means to practice your yoga, play different games and also take notes on your notepad

Everything in Its Place

In the same way that too much app on your phone can affect your phone home screen; so it applies to your Kindle. In other to keep your Kindle organized togo to menu, click on create new collection then enter the preferred name for the collection. Then you will check the box which is close to all the box you want to fall into that collection afterward click done. In afuturesituation, you want to add a book to that collection just go to home screen and hold down the book and add collection option will popup.


You can save what you see on the screen by taking a shot of it.  Note the kindle paperwhite is the only e-reader that has this function attached to it. You need to Simultaneously tap either the upper right corner and lower left corner or the upper left corner and lower left corner of the screen to carry out this function. Afterwards, you will see a flash, that means the shot has been taken and saved. If you want to see the shot takes just connect your Kindle to your system, then you will be able to view all images.


Find Your Match

There are some many reasons that make the physical purchase of a book copy has no free book attached to it. But the Kindle match has provided a solution for this because you can download those physical books you purchase for $3 or less.

Browse More Than Bookshelves

Another awesome function of the KindlePaperwhite is that it has a web browser. It works perfectly with a WIFI without it you will be able to access only Amazon and Wikipedia


Highlights of Your Life

If the days of the fat yellow highlighters in a textbook are missed, then the feature of highlighting passages on Kindle would be loved by you and all the passages that have been highlighted can be seen in one single place. To see passages that have been highlighted just go to Kindle highlights page.



The Kindle paper white is an awesome way to read your books at anytime and anywhere with comfort. The features of the Kindle Paperwhite can be matched by any book app; it also helps readers to keep this book safe and free from physical destruction. Visit:

The Nook Vs Kindle Review - Who Wins?

The Nook Vs Kindle Review – Who Wins?


Barnes & Noble has been in the business of selling books for such a very long time, much longer than Amazon. So in terms of greater understanding of the needs of bookworms, the former has an edge. Nevertheless, with the types of technology Amazon can access and use into their systems, it doesn’t lag when it comes to providing a unique reading experience to anyone.


Both the Nook and Kindle 2 have wireless accessibility with 3G capability. However, the Nook can sync with hundreds of devices through Android technology. This is because the one from Barnes & Noble is running through Google software. Yet, the Kindle 2 is the only eBook reader with International Wireless capability.


Kindle reviews has been released for quite some time and has even undergone revisions, which led to Kindle 2. If you need to know more you should visit our top article here. Kinks have been reported by consumers and critics with the Nook in its short time on the market. Barnes and Noble has been working hard to fix any bugs and problems reported.

The Nook Vs Kindle Review - Who Wins?

Your choice, therefore, will be based on what you’re really looking for. If you want stability and dependability, the Kindle is it. However, if you want more books to read, there’s no doubt that the Nook can win your heart.

Which Is The Better Value?

You can click to watch a great video showing the Nook vs Kindle from different web sites on the net side by side, as well as a detailed review at any possible links that you can download anytime.


If you want to have an e-book reader, you might as well pick the one that you can carry with ease. Based on weight, the award goes to Amazon’s Kindle, which weighs only 10.2 ounces. However, Nook does not fall that far behind since it’s only just for a little 3 ounces heavier compared the Kindle.


This describes how many e-books they can contain. Initially, both Kindle and Nook offers 2GB of space, which can accommodate around 1,500 e-books. After reading this article if you need to know more you should visit our link: here. However, Barnes & Noble is offering something more. The Nook has its own microSD slot you can use to expand the memory, allowing you to store more books.


Both the Kindle and the Nook have sleek design that are similar in size and shape. The reading screens are E-Ink, which allows for anti-glare reading in intense sunlight. Both reading screens are identical in size at 6 inches.

The only difference according to consumers is that the Kindle is more intuitive than the Nook, so e-book reader experience seems to be slightly higher in Amazon’s reader.


Interestingly, both are actually sold at the same price: $259.

In conclusion, in the world of e-book readers, two type’s brands have been pitting out against each other for quite some time: the Nook of Barnes & Noble and the Kindle of Amazon. For any consumer who loves to devour the written word, reviewing the Nook vs Kindle is a worthwhile endeavor before choosing an eBook reader.


Kindle Review – Is It Really the Best eBook Reader Out There?

Kindle Review – Is It Really the Best eBook Reader Out There?

The first thing that I absolutely adore is portability. I can literally have a couple of thousands books with me no matter where I am or where I go. And you can store your books in any order or categories you like. Kindle comes with 4GB of internal memory, but there’s no way to expand that. Kindle reviews does not accept any memory cards easily in any type. When you use for a Kindle just for an eBooks and for newspapers then this shouldn’t be really an issue. But if your Kindle’s memory may fills up, all you need to do is to delete books then you can now restore them any time, in just a second, and/or for free. I can order any book whenever wherever and can start reading it minute after I ordered it. It’s really lightweight and therefore easy to carry with you and the recharge time is fast.

Kindle paperwhite case store

There was one thing that I personally didn’t have a problem with but I can imagine some people will struggle a bit with. If you need to know more you should visit this link: here. Those are the kindle buttons—a lot of people think they’re way too close together and the lack of an individual number of buttons is really a frustrating one. The buttons are also laid out a bit oddly. When you decide to buy Kindle you have to be aware that this is an eReader. Its purpose is reading texts. Not browsing the web. The browser on Kindle is experimental and you shouldn’t have high expectations (that also goes for mp3 player). I’ve heard and read some complaints about this, and I can only say—if you want to browse the web, buy a computer, not an eReader. Kindle also doesn’t have a color display.

Kindle Review – Is It Really the Best eBook Reader Out There?

Over all, Kindle is easy to use and the Kindle paperwhite case store is great and has many thousands of free eBooks. If the book you want isn’t free it’s sold at a very good price, and the store has loads of great deals. Once you buy the Kindle book you like and chose, you can read it on nearly any device you own (computer, phone, etc.). And there are tons of great cases and other accessories for the Kindle that you can choose from.

There is no power consumption until the display is turned on. Kindle has a great battery life and it’s also very quick and responsive. The time it takes a new page to appear after you push the page-turn button is very short. Buttons are quiet and well placed and the e-ink display is absolutely brilliant. Kindle screen really makes it look like real paper and ink! Using the 5-way controller is simple and effective. In the end if you need to know more you should click here. Screen contrast is very good. It really doesn’t matter where you read—it works great in well-lit or poorly lit room. I think that’s an important fact, so your eyes don’t suffer.

Even though I’m really fond of classic paper books, I decided that it’s time to purchase an eReader. I have to read lots of books for college and it’s really inconvenient to carry all those big books with me at all times. I have to admit I was a bit skeptical at first, but to buy Kindle really surprised me in a good way.

Amazon Kindle Review - Should I Buy a Kindle?

Amazon Kindle Review – Should I Buy a Kindle?

My situation was seemingly not that uncommon. I decided that I wanted to get a new geeky gadget and I decided after a couple of years of contemplation that I should get the new Amazon Kindle. I have heard great things about them but never had actually seen one in person.

After watching a few videos and reading a few reviews from others, I decided I would go ahead and make the big leap and have this be my Christmas gift from my wife. Ideally, you discover this Amazon Kindle Review advantageous and might make the bounce yourself accepting my fair audit hits on the focuses you are searching for from any eBook reader like a Kindle. I will take you through some of the things I have noticed about the Amazon Kindle below.

Super-easy to Buy Books

Another thing that seems so easy it is almost scary is how quickly and easily you can get new books. My wife and I both being avid readers we can tear through the books pretty quickly. If you need to know more you should visit this here. My wife is usually ordering a new book or two every week or two just to keep up with her reading addiction. Now online, it really is a two click process (I think it is called a one click process on the Kindle, but it’s really two). You click on the book you want, then you click “Buy Book” and it automatically downloads to your Kindle. It is that easy. Buy kindle now!

Amazon Kindle Review - Should I Buy a Kindle?

Check the Box if it’s a Gift

Since I knew what I was getting it was not a big deal. For best information on-line you should click here. However, if I really wanted it to be a surprise buying from Amazon and not checking the box would have been detrimental! The box arrived a couple of days later than I was hoping for, but still on time. It was a small box, slightly larger than the kindle itself and quite thin. It had a big Amazon Kindle logo on it, however.

Sturdy but Light

My first impression on it was that it is certain a sturdy little thing. When I first read how it would weighed by ounces and I pictured out it so extremely light. I am considering it as a little quite lighter compared for an average of 200 pages of book. It might be a little bit heavier than a very small paperback that is less than 100 pages though. All things considered, it unquestionably is not substantial to grasp and fits serenely. The thing feels sufficiently durable where you know you are not going to break it effortlessly,which I like.

Still Needs a Case

Despite its durability we already had a run in with a need for the case. We are only a month into having the new Amazon Kindle and my young two year old daughter decided she was going to hit the screen with one of her toys. Luckily the toy hit the top left corner. However, it put a very small dot on the screen that exists even if I turn the Kindle paperwhite case off and does not go away.

Overall, I highly recommend this item to someone who enjoys reading and wants something they can carry around easily!