Kindle Paperwhite

7 Kindle Paperwhite Tips Every Reader Needs to Know


Kindle Paperwhite can put a library in your pocket. Its sleek black casing can hold up to 1,000 books and thousands of books can be stored in the cloud. Looking at it from the outside you will not be fully aware of its capability but on the inside, it is magnificent.

Free Yourself of Free (and Other) Books

These free books that the Kindles come with, which is cool but in a case that you don’t like Amazon selections what happens? Just press hold the title, and an option of remove from thedevice will pop up. No worries at all if you need them in the future because you can go back and redownload them. For you to rid them permanently from your Amazonaccount, just log in from a browser and then click the manage your content and devices there you will be able to rid them permanently. To do that locate your content tab Show and the category under which the unwanted book appears.Afterwards, select the book your intent to delete then click on delete then click the confirm button.

Extracurricular Activities

When you bought your Paperwhite the major reason is for reading, but it can also be used to play games, and it can also use some apps. Amazon has active Kindle content which runs on the e-ink devices. It serves as a means to practice your yoga, play different games and also take notes on your notepad

Everything in Its Place

In the same way that too much app on your phone can affect your phone home screen; so it applies to your Kindle. In other to keep your Kindle organized togo to menu, click on create new collection then enter the preferred name for the collection. Then you will check the box which is close to all the box you want to fall into that collection afterward click done. In afuturesituation, you want to add a book to that collection just go to home screen and hold down the book and add collection option will popup.


You can save what you see on the screen by taking a shot of it.  Note the kindle paperwhite is the only e-reader that has this function attached to it. You need to Simultaneously tap either the upper right corner and lower left corner or the upper left corner and lower left corner of the screen to carry out this function. Afterwards, you will see a flash, that means the shot has been taken and saved. If you want to see the shot takes just connect your Kindle to your system, then you will be able to view all images.


Find Your Match

There are some many reasons that make the physical purchase of a book copy has no free book attached to it. But the Kindle match has provided a solution for this because you can download those physical books you purchase for $3 or less.

Browse More Than Bookshelves

Another awesome function of the KindlePaperwhite is that it has a web browser. It works perfectly with a WIFI without it you will be able to access only Amazon and Wikipedia


Highlights of Your Life

If the days of the fat yellow highlighters in a textbook are missed, then the feature of highlighting passages on Kindle would be loved by you and all the passages that have been highlighted can be seen in one single place. To see passages that have been highlighted just go to Kindle highlights page.



The Kindle paper white is an awesome way to read your books at anytime and anywhere with comfort. The features of the Kindle Paperwhite can be matched by any book app; it also helps readers to keep this book safe and free from physical destruction. Visit: