NOOK Vs Kindle Review – How To Choose The Best Reader!


Good technology should help conserve our ecosystem. Before you print any document, always ask yourself, “Do I need a hard copy?” To help save trees, you must make a resolve to ditch the paperbacks and opt to read eBooks. To this end, technology and scientific research bring to us the blessings of eBook readers. Kindle and NOOK are the most common eBook readers.

Device features

To date, Amazon has introduced 8 versions of Kindle. The latest versions are Kindle 2, Kindle 3, and Kindle DX. Kindle allows great connectivity to the internet. Additionally, it comes with internal storage. On the other hand, NOOK from Barnes & noble has internal storage, in addition to an expandable microSD slot. As far as weight is concerned, Kindle weighs 0.63 pounds whereas NOOK weighs 0.75 pounds. Kindle battery life is affected by wireless connectivity. If you are connected to a wireless hot spot, the battery will last for four days. If you are not, it lasts for fifteen days. When fully charged, NOOK battery lasts for 10 hours regardless of your wireless connectivity. The charging period of the two devices is approximately the same. Kindle takes about four hours to charge via a USB 2.0 cable while NOOK takes about three and a half hours to charge via the same cable.

Price range

The prices of these devises may vary depending on where you buy them. Therefore, it is difficult to give exact pricing of either Kindle or NOOK. However, most experts argue that the standard price of Kindle is $189 while that of NOOK is $199. The other additional features of Kindle include 16 shade gray scale, 600 x 800 megapixels camera and an MP3 player. NOOK offers you an opportunity to choose between a 3G or a Wi-Fi only version. One of the best features of NOOK is that it has a lend me an application. This application enables you to lend certain books for 14 days. Additionally, NOOK has a faster browser that allows for greater surfing. See more.

Advance in technology

Changes in the screen technology have also advanced; instead of the 4 level grey scale, the Kindle eReaders now use the latest E-Ink technology. This serves to create less eye strain, allowing us to read for much longer periods of time. With the increase in demand for eReaders, other companies have also released eReaders of varying scales of functionality and price. This has prompted Kindle to produce a range of free downloadable programs, enabling you to read your library of books on other devices, including your computer, tablet, iPad or if you handle really small text, you can even read on your mobile phone.


These are the main technical features that are of prime importance should you choose to buy a Kindle. They are fundamentals when it comes to deciding which of the two readers is superior. However, customers find it hard to choose the best between the two. This NOOK vs Kindle review will be an ultimate guide that will enable you to make an informed decision. Check out this site: